Test flight

A training demonstration lesson. The lesson includes a brief theoretical preparation, instruction in safety procedures and a flight plan. This is followed by a 20-minute dynamic flight demonstration including all acrobatic elements. Once completed, the flight is assessed. Those interested can continue in the training, at the end of which they will be issued with a pilot’s certificate for the MIG 15.

The demonstration lesson depends on the weather.

Those interested in continuing the training on the MIG 15 aircraft will have the sum of the demonstration lesson deducted from the total price of the training.

The price of the demonstration lesson includes the hire of a pilot’s overall and helmet, as well as a video recording of the flight.

The flights take place at Hradec Králové airport.

For further information or to order a test flight use the form or email us at miracky@flying-legends.cz.
We’ll reply to your message as soon as possible.

The flight is performed at the participant’s own risk.
Good health is required to participate in the flight.

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